Understanding Typography for Merch by Amazon

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Typography is something we often overlook, but it plays an essential part in the design process. Almost everything we see is specifically designed with a font to fit the brand. Typography can change the entire look and feel of a design, which is why we should all learn the basic fundamentals of typography.

I wrote this book to give content creators a basic introduction to typography by compiling both everything I've learned from the university and from my own personal experience. While the book won’t make you an expert designer overnight, it will give you the basic fundamentals of typography.


Table of Contents

01 - Foreward

02 - Introduction

03 - What is Typography?

04 - Why Typography is Important

05 - Type Classifications and Styles

06 - The Anatomy of a Typeface

07 - Measuring Type

08 - Typographic Hierarchy

09 - Legibility and Readability

10 - Uppercase and Lowercase

11 - Kerning, Leading, and Tracking

12 - Alignment

13 - Color and Contrast

14 - How to Choose a Typeface

15 - Pairing Fonts

16 - Expressive Typography

17 - Where to Purchase Fonts

18 - Resources

YOU WILL GET LIFETIME UPDATES! As long as I'm alive and kicking I will not charge you another penny for any updates that I make to the book. This book has been a labor of love as I'm very passionate about typography. And I want to share that same passion with you.

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Understanding Typography for Merch by Amazon

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